RedBlock is a privately held company which maintains development offices in the Chicago – Greater Illinois areas separate from its hosting facilities.

RedBlock Knowledge Systems Corporation was formed as an application services provider in 1998, making it one of the earliest organizations both to engineer and host enterprise applications on behalf of its clients using web-based technologies. 


Moreover, at our inception, the ASP approach was debated as a better alternative to in-house development and deployment. Today, corporations readily acknowledge the tremendous financial investment and time it would take for them to acquire the expertise and resources needed to produce and deploy enterprise applications built using contemporary web application services.

RedBlock has never wavered from its development and deployment model, carefully honing its expertise, managing its growth and refining its technology over the years as a highly regarded ASP

In 1998, the executives at RedBlock brought over more 20 years of experience in interactive multimedia design, engineering and operations to create the company.  Their application credentials span training, marketing communications, financial decision analysis and special events.   That background continues to guide our view of what an ASP must bring to the market. The key element, so often proffered but not delivered, remains RedBlock’s absolute commitment and accountability to its customers, who depend and judge our application services in their businesses every hour of every day.

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