Applications Service Approach

As an Application Service Provider, RedBlock is accountable for the performance and continual enhancement of its applications. Consequently, we are deeply involved in ongoing data repurposing and data exchange management with our clients. Browser-based management and monitoring tools to support production systems are just as important in our work as the production applications facing users.

RedBlock's experience in high-profile applications and engineering expertise drive our competitive advantage. We carefully de-construct the business or consumer proposition with our clients. Then align it to its intended users by presentation design, production values and technical requirements. Technical execution and interactive design treatment share equal importance. Under our philosophy, any technology or media treatment lacking a clear business rationale will most likely be considered gratuitous.

RedBlock bases its server operating system and database software architecture around contemporary Microsoft operating systems, data stores and applications development environments (e.g. MS-SQL, .NET). The RedBlock application development environment further encompasses other reliable production release technologies as required by a given application (Java Script, Ajax, etc.).

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