Company Profile

RedBlock is a full-service application service provider (ASP). RedBlock designs, develops and hosts web-enabled and VOIP integrated enterprise application services. We draw upon our 16-year history of successful deployments for durable goods manufacturing and service firms. E-commerce, customer service, dealer support, product distribution and Sarbanes- Oxley ethics compliance define key segments of our credits portfolio.

A distinguishing RedBlock expertise is knowing how to blend corporate legacy systems with contemporary Internet and VOIP application treatments. This strength enables RedBlock clients to leverage their ROI from existing business systems, by moving transaction and information management more productively outward to their point of origin – to the business agent or consumer.

There are typically three components to RedBlock application services: authoring and data exchange tools for content administration, outward facing presentation sites or portals, and "dashboard" administrative reporting for managerial use. All are web-based, with secure, permission-based access to support our clients’ divisions of responsibility and data integrity.

The nature of RedBlock clients’ hosted applications and VOIP services require highly secure, 24/7/365 uninterrupted performance. RedBlock manages multiple geographically dispersed physically monitored secure hosting operations with redundant, synchronized server farms over high-speed fiber networks with Tier 2 Internet access.

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