Research Services

RedBlock has an exceptionally strong command of contemporary web-enabled technologies.  We also have a strong design perspective extending to creative treatments and the interactive elements of applications facing the user.  Ultimately, RedBlock's business process modeling combined with our engineering expertise defines our competitive research advantage for clients.

Clients engage RedBlock to engineer unique, technically intricate solutions for enterprise applications. These engagements are not pilot, or prove-up experiments in hardware or software technology. Rather, they are models for the production implementation of application services.

Our body of work demonstrates that the careful integration of content with media, presented in a direct and visually engaging fashion, improves comprehension, responsiveness and judgment involving complex information. Whether at your desk, a retail store, an employee cafeteria, a shareholders' meeting or on the factory floor, it is the proper choice of media and technologies that determines the success of technology-based decision support, learning or consumer marketing information systems.

RedBlock applies an instructional design philosophy to every research project. We model all aspects of a system, from its business or consumer proposition, to its intended users, venues, and technical requirements. The treatment mix of creative media and technologies is chosen only after the business purpose has been aligned with the model for the system. This ensures the correct balance across production value, program design and financial return expectations.   image
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