Overview of the RedBlock Progression Monitor (RPM) - Legal Matter and Case Management / Litigation Support

What Defines RPM

  • Enterprise level software technology delivered through a Web-browser for managing matters and tasks to structure, monitor and document legal work flow.
  • Licensing and deployment based on a flexible subscription model for Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Promotes activity-based costing for establishing profitability assessments and data migration to the firm's billing systems.
  • Provides a unified chronological repository for all activity related to matters and tasks, with access to all relevant managed content, including non-text documentation.
  • Applies strict permissions-based access to all matter or task event activity, reviews or notifications with audit trails.
  • Employs automatic email notifications of matter details and task progression to team members.
  • Graphic and tabular metrics are available for reporting process analysis and resource planning.

Business Advantages of RPM

  • Provides a competitive advantage by providing services complementing billable hour pricing.
  • Robust support for precisely defined six-sigma processes options for defining task and work flow required resources by area of law.
  • Supports activity-based costing capability as a driving concept to understand the true costs of legal work.
  • Supports a structured collaborative work environment to acquire the data necessary to forecast costs based on established processes as a matter of policy.
  • Simplifies operations and oversight by collapsing the number of access points to all matter/task work documentation, collateral resources, scheduling, status and notifications.
  • Leverages enterprise returns by integrating collaborative work flow technology with existing document management and accounting software.

How RPM Delivers Value in Context - Litigation Support Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) Collection, Review and Research

  • Manages complicated processes involving multiple parties by applying structured tasks to contributors across matters as required.
  • Minimizes the risk of EDD activity omissions and process missteps by ensuring that a defined, task-based progression is symmetrically applied and documented throughout the EDD process relevant for each matter.
  • Promotes narrative discussions of issues related to the collection, review and research task elements across team members.
  • Generates significant cost advantages in EDD activities by reducing the overall time to render EDD services through centralized collaboration and notification of activity across all parties using a role-driven access permission model.
  • Drives net revenue gains by capturing detailed EDD activity-based costs for internal resource planning to support more effective client pricing and the development of new client service products.
  • Allows law firms to leverage RPM's capabilities as a concrete, identifiable and distinguishing competitive credential in pursuing business development initiatives.

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